This website contains a basic acoustic room modelling course for CATT-Acoustic software. Resources available here might prove useful especially to the Acoustic Engineering students during their practical workshops during the Architectural Acoustic classes and others interested in the topic. Content of individual sub-pages is under legal protection under the rules of Creative Commons license. The website takes part in a contest “Notatki w internecie” organized by E-learning Centre of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków.
As the website’s author I would like to thank D.Eng. Jarosław Rubacha, who is the Supervisor of this work, for sharing the materials and his guidance.
The interior acoustic modeling course consists of parts listed below:

• Familiarizing the reader with CATT-Acoustic software
• Hints concerning the installation and configuration of the program
• Basic data on topic of the prepared project.
• Creating the model’s geometry
• The process of model calibration
• Running the simulation

The website has a few interesting functions that might not be noticable at first, so I will take the liberty to point them out. The users can print the course or download it in a form of a pdf by clicking the graphics of a printer and a pdf document in the top right corner of this part of the page respectively. You can also make used fonts bigger or smaller (+/- buttons in bottom-left area of the screen) for your convenience.

I hope that the lecture of this course will assist in overcoming the uncertainties and will efficiently guide you through the process of creating and analyzing the interiors’ acoustic model.

Enjoy your stay!
Krzysztof Sadowski